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YouGotMeals® is a permission based email marketing program
designed specifically for the Restaurant Industry.

You’ve been doing business the same way for years, why change now?

As a consumer, you are blocking out advertising and marketing efforts to reach you. As a business owner, you need to change your own marketing aproach to increase restaurant traffic, or you are throwing away hard-earned dollars on wasted advertising efforts. By simply reallocating (and maybe even reducing!) your marketing expenses, you will achieve increased diner traffic and profits that are measurable!

What are these changing trends? We’re exposed to over 1,000,000 marketing messages a year – and we’re actively blocking out the great majority of them. Only a select few ads successfully break through the clutter.

TV advertising: more consumers are using recording devices like Tivo® to skip commercials. These devices are among the fastest growing consumer electronics products available, so this problem – from the advertiser’s viewpoint is only getting worse. (As a consumer, I can now watch a 30-minute sitcom in 22 minutes – big bonus for me!)

Radio advertising: who listens to commercials anymore? Most people go from station to station to avoid commercials. We want our music, news, or talk radio, not your ads.

Telemarketing – Sign-ups for the “do not call” list exceed 58.5 million phone lines (March 2004), and 200,000 numbers are being added weekly. Now the only annoying calls you get during dinner are from relatives.

Direct Mail – Unopened and discarded “junk mail” is growing. Fortunately, most of it can be recycled into…well…more unopened and discarded junk mail.

SPAM Email – Unwanted SPAM email threatens our in-boxes, assuming it even gets that far with today’s spam filters. But – if you have a product to help people with bad credit, if they want to obtain quality prescription drugs over the Internet, and are looking to “enhance” specific body parts, this apparently is the ad medium of choice.

The message to advertisers: LEAVE US ALONE. We’re not interested in your message – unless it’s desired, personal and relevant.

This is why what used to work for many years no longer works, and it’s time to change. We love the advertising business – but let your competition waste their resources while you maximize yours with YouGotMeals® – permission-based, targeted, personal, desired, and inexpensive.

Turning Occasional Diners Into Loyal Friends

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