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YouGotMeals® is a permission based email marketing program
designed specifically for the Restaurant Industry.

Affordable for even the smallest Independent Restaurant:

Okay – so we understand that YouGotMeals® is effective because it targets the people most likely to respond to your marketing message. And it leads to new customers as this diner loyalty program converts occasional customers into loyal friends, and these friends bring in their friends and business associates. (Don’t forget to entice these new customers to sign up for your program!)

The YouGotMeals® program doesn’t take your time – we handle the database work, create the graphics, write the copy, and send your promotional email messages. It can be implemented with minimal changes to your operation – just collect email addresses on the forms we provide. Yet it has a major impact on your success.

But is it really affordable?

Absolutely! Would you invest a cup of coffee for each of your customers who sign up for the program? That’s all it costs for this program; one cup of coffee per customer, or maybe a cappuccino, on the high side. For the cost of a cup of coffee, we will send targeted promotional email messages to your customers who have agreed to receive your messages, 12 – 14 times a year! No other marketing option gives you this targeted reach and frequency for this low a cost. Not Radio, TV, coupons, direct mail, newspapers, or the Yellow Pages – only YouGotMeals®.

Call us – and we’ll show you how you cannot afford to pass on the effective, easy, and economical YouGotMeals® program!


Turning Occasional Diners Into Loyal Friends

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