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YouGotMeals® is a permission based email marketing program
designed specifically for the Restaurant Industry.

Loyalty is not expensive, but it is priceless.

Hi – do you own or manage a restaurant? Good…this should interest you because it's about your "invisible" dining customers.

I like to eat out. In 2003 I had over 300 meals outside of my home, visiting over 100 different restaurants. My credit card annual summary statements detail hundreds of charges under the “Restaurant” heading. I’ve eaten in your restaurant, or with your competitors. About three-quarters of these meals were “personal” – I was with my family, friends, or by myself. The remaining meals were business related.

My tastes include the occasional meal-on-the-run (these are usually paid for with cash), table dining (credit card), very fine dining (small bank loan), and everything in between. I have even hosted multiple events for a dozen to thirty friends or business associates. My kids love eating out and they influence our restaurant choices. I always tip 15% - 20%, and almost never send anything back (sorry, but my wife does).

You want me as a loyal dining customer. I eat out frequently, and I’m always going with friends or business associates to my favorite places. Not only am I loyal to certain restaurants, I bring them new customers. I am the positive “word-of-mouth” diner that you dream about. So why am I invisible to you?

Would you know me? How about your other diners like me? Probably not. But hey – you’re very busy! Running a restaurant is hard work and there aren’t enough hours in the day to reach out to your customers. (If you’re nodding your head in agreement with this statement, I empathize – but you’re severely limiting your success. Sorry.)

Do I have your interest? I hope so. The great majority of you are failing at turning me into a loyal customer. Out of more than 100 restaurants that had my business last year, only 10 favorite restaurants accounted for half of my meals. These restaurants are “top-of-mind” for me. Of the remaining 90 restaurants, I visited 70 of them once or twice in 12 months. It’s not that they were bad; as I look at my credit card statements, I realize I’ll probably go again…sometime…whenever. The problem, very simply, is that with all this competition for my dining dollar, they were very forgettable. They did a fine job when I was in their (your?) restaurant, but made no attempt at all to stay in touch after I had left.

It’s not just me. There are hundreds, or even thousands of diners who visit your restaurant every year, but are not loyal customers. Unlike the horror movies of old, these "invisible" customers rarely return.

Until now. Now you have us to help. YouGotMeals® brings them back repeatedly. And these loyal customers will bring their friends.

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Turning Occasional Diners Into Loyal Friends

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