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YouGotMeals® is a permission based email marketing program
designed specifically for the Restaurant Industry.

What is YouGotMeals®?
YouGotMeals® is a marketing program based on the development and targeting of your dining customers via permission-based email promotions and newsletters. It will dramatically change the way you look at generating customer loyalty, and ensuring the ongoing success of your restaurant. Most importantly – it works! The results can be tracked - month after month. You begin to truly develop diner loyalty - while eliminating wasted marketing expenses. You focus on “farming” – not “hunting.” Your marketing messages are anticipated and desired – because they are relevant

Who do we serve?
Our program is for businesses in the food service industry. We primarily work with restaurants (business to consumer), but restaurant suppliers, advisors, and Associations (business to business) benefit from the YouGotMeals® program as well.

What do we do?
We’re your database and Information Technology provider. We’re also your advertising company - providing graphics, artwork, writing copy, and consulting on marketing strategies. But wait - you need a “bulk email” provider. Yeah…we do that for you, too. Why do you need YouGotMeals® for all this? Because YouGotNoTime! Marketing and customer loyalty are important to you, but only becomes critical when business is way down (and then you don’t have money for advertising anyway).

Now that we’re providing you all these ‘ingredients’, we need to combine them into a ‘meal’ that attracts diners repeatedly to your restaurant. Using permission-based email marketing as the focus of your media mix, our monthly and special event (birthday / anniversary) invitations are timely reminders to your customers that you hope to see them again soon.

So – you keep serving good food in a great atmosphere, and we’ll increase your traffic and revenue by turning occasional customers into loyal friends.

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Turning Occasional Diners Into Loyal Friends

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