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YouGotMeals® is a permission based email marketing program
designed specifically for the Restaurant Industry.

Consumer Privacy Policy

Restaurant Owner/Manager Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Diner’s Privacy and Your Investment

YouGotMeals®, a product of Robin Technologies, Inc., is committed to maintaining the privacy of individual information provided to us by your valuable restaurant patrons.

Very simply, this means all participants need to understand that communication from YouGotMeals® to your customers is dependant on respecting their wishes regarding the frequency and type of messages we send. If we break this trust with the restaurant customer, you could lose him or her and reduce the value of the investment you are making on an ongoing basis to maintain their patronage.

Messages sent to anyone participating in this program will only be sent by YouGotMeals® or Robin Technologies, Inc. Individual and/or group eMail addresses will not be sold or provided to any other parties.

We may offer links to your websites in the eMail messages sent to your customers, as well as to the YouGotMeals website.

We collect very little information, and the information is not designed to provide us with significant personal information. Typically, a restaurant patron can elect to receive eMail promotions by providing only an eMail address. We also ask for, but do not require 1) a “First Name” so that the messages can be personalized 2) a “Birthday” field consisting only of a month and day(not the year of birth because although it has value in some applications, for our purposes we acknowledge the celebration of a birthday, not an age, and we have no interest in selling insurance to your customers), and 3) an “Anniversary” field, again consisting only of a month and day.We may on occasion conduct an online survey of users to ensure they are pleased with YouGotMeals®, the quality of the promotions you are offering, and how the service can be improved. These surveys are voluntary, and a participant’s lack of participation will not in any way effect the promotions or confidentiality described.The success of this program is based upon your customer’s willingness to “opt-in” to the program, and his or her ability to “opt-out” at any time.  

We may modify this policy on occasion because comments we receive from you and your customers are valuable indicators of needs. We want to respond appropriately to these expressed needs, as communication is a two-way process, not exclusively the transmission of your messages to your customers through YouGotMeals®.

Please let us know if you have comments or questions about this policy by contacting us at info@yougotmeals.com.

This policy was last updated on November 1, 2002.


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